Licensed betting shops in Latvia have won the trust of gamblers. Who doesn’t like to turn knowledge into money? We understand that Latvian gamblers also like to focus on the results of their favourite sports competitions after a long day’s work, so here is the full list of Latvian betting shops where you can choose the one that suits you, your needs and your preferences.

It is important to us that players who visit our website have access to the most up-to-date and complete information related to the world of casinos, which is why this list, which includes only active sports betting operators in Latvia, will allow you to find only those companies in the casino world that are constantly growing and developing, as well as those that meet the regulatory requirements of all relevant authorities in Latvia. We put the safety of our players first, which is why only the best and most reliable sports betting operators in Latvia are recommended to you!

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Sports betting for Latvian players

Latvia cannot be called an online casino superpower, but we do have our own list of Latvian sports betting sites, and the selection is wide enough to satisfy even the pickiest players. The market offers sports betting sites from brands that have been around for years, as well as newcomers trying to lure customers with new and attractive bonuses. – the right place for serious players

This betting shop has been operating for more than 12 years. The key to its success is the use of bookmakers’ predictions to help players make better betting decisions. Like other betting shops licensed in Latvia, 11 betting offers the opportunity to participate in various popular sports and bet on the outcome of events. The offer is wide, so you can get involved in several games at the same time.

11 Casino is always working to give customers the best possible gaming experience, which is why it not only has a modern and easy-to-manage website, but also a mobile platform from which you can place bets quickly, easily and effortlessly, wherever you are, because you can download it to your smartphone, which is always with you!

Olybet is the heavyweight of Latvian betting


For many younger players, the top betting company is Olybet, a subsidiary of the well-known casino Olympic. Olybet has a welcoming and modern atmosphere, which younger players particularly like. Although youthfulness and this sports betting machine go hand in hand, Olympic Casino’s years of experience allow it to be run without any hassles. This sports betting machine is an excellent example of combining years of experience with a pleasant and youthful design.

All licensed betting shops in Latvia are committed to the safety and convenience of their customers, and Olybet is no exception. In order to be included in the list of Latvian betting shops, a betting shop must obtain a licence, which is only granted to the best online casinos. Olybet has earned this licence the fair way – by taking care of a great customer experience, sophisticated security systems and a good overall gaming experience for every player.

As we have already mentioned, this betting shop in Latvia is particularly attractive to younger people because of the technology it uses. Every new player receives pleasant sign-up bonuses, such as the possibility to double the first amount they deposit and thus get an additional 100% of their initial deposit to use for their bets. To take advantage of this bonus and many others, you need to use the code offered by the site when you register, which you will find online. The money is doubled as soon as you deposit it into your player account, so you can forget about waiting and start playing now!

Olybet sports betting offers a wide range of sports to choose from, but those who follow basketball in their spare time might especially like this sports betting site, as Olybet is the official sports betting partner of the NBA in Latvia. On their website you can see the upcoming sporting events and make your selection now.