Lotteries compete with each other for customers, which is why WinGuru also tries to attract players with various attractive offers. The available bonuses change from time to time, so to be on the safe side, please check the betting website regularly to make the most of all the opportunities. In its latest offer, WinGuru offered its players a bonus that allows each player to win risk-free bets of €50. How? All you have to do is make a deposit of €30 and then you will automatically receive this bonus, which is even bigger than your deposit. It’s no coincidence that this online casino is popular among practical players!

Also, this sports betting site allows you to follow sporting events online and place your bets at the same time, but if you want to focus on a future event, then you can take part in bets that cover games and matches that are yet to come. WinGuru offers a wide range of sports, so there’s certainly plenty to choose from, but the advantage of this online sportsbook is that you can also bet on relatively unpopular sports that you wouldn’t normally find on other casino sites; there are, for example,

  • darts,
  • Australian rules football,
  • snooker,
  • water polo,
  • cricket,
  • and other less common sports.

Sports bar and betting shop.

Sports bar and betting shop

Every player has been to the physical sports bars of Klondike. They attract customers with their great design and pleasant atmosphere. Whether you prefer to bet in person or online, Klondaika is the place to do it.

For those players who are new to sports betting and are only registering now, a €150 starter kit is provided, which includes both free bets and protection of your deposit in case your first bets are unsuccessful. This casino takes care to protect players not only in terms of site security, but also in case luck doesn’t smile on a particular day.

The layout of the site is being worked on independently and, in order to improve the user experience, it is also possible to change the format of the odds, which will allow their presentation to be adapted to the preferences of each player. The wide range of sports, the generous bonuses and the pleasant design of the site will allow every player to enjoy the betting experience to the full!

SynotTip betting with a new look and years of experience


While many of the betting shops licensed in Latvia are relatively new to the market, SynotTip is the brand behind the long-established Joker Casino, so SynotTip is run according to proven methods that ensure the best experience for every player.

This sports betting operator has been operating in Latvia for a long time, so its offer has grown considerably – you can not only follow the individual events of your favourite sports, but also entire tournaments, for example,

  • KHL hockey matches,
  • NBA basketball games,
  • Tennis US Open matches
  • and many other prestigious sporting events.

The SynotTip website is easy to navigate, with the centre of the page where you can focus on all the events and your bets, and a section on the side where you can see the coupons you have selected and the bets you have already placed today. Players have access to different coupons specific to each sport, so it is possible to activate several at the same time if you are betting on different sports. Put your knowledge to use and earn big winnings!